Our Pastor

As a child, I grew up in Arizona, USA. I’m thankful that my mother took me to church although nothing greatly happened that changed me spiritually. As a teen, I rebelled but thankfully in 1982, I joined the United States Air Force. One of my first duty assignments was in the Southeast part of England, next to Ipswich. It was during that time in 1984, I met a Christian man named Donald Trosclair and we studied the Bible together. A little time later, Don handed me a cassette tape with a sermon on it. I listened that night and trusted Christ into my life. The power of the gospel changed me! The Lord Jesus started to lead as I surrendered my life to Him!

Years later, after attending Bible Seminary by Chicago, and meeting my wife, Mary Beth, we prayed concerning where God would have us. We received the assured call that God wanted us back in Britain, so we raised our financial support and landed in London in November of 1996.

Our ministry began in London and for 12 years I pastored the Park View Baptist Church in Southall / Hayes. We met just a little north of Heathrow Airport. Many souls came to Christ and our church grew, but for years we met in community and church halls. Finally, a dear brother came and helped our church move on and after a few merges, the Chelsea Community Baptist Church was organised.

In 2008, we arrived at the Northwest of England and helped a struggling congregation in Blackpool known as the Victory Baptist Church. After 1 ½ years and with the help of God, we were able to help them back to their feet. So, I resigned and handed the work back to their former minister. They are doing well today for which we are thankful.

In 2010, we came to Preston and founded the Faith Baptist Church. We met in a community hall in Cottom for over 2 years. God blessed us with a growing congregation. Shortly thereafter, we met the people of the Wycliffe Memorial Evangelical Church, and I asked them if we could have the use of their building. They agreed and for a year their leaders and trustees would visit us and hear me preach and teach. In October of 2012, their leaders approached me and asked if we could merge with them. After prayer, God’s peace settled, and we agreed. So, at the beginning of 2013, we began. What a blessing it has been since that day! Our church steadily grows with visitors nearly every week and glorious prospects in the future. Many souls have trusted Jesus and as far as I’m concerned, we are looking forward to being here the rest of our lives.

Mary Beth and I are happily married over 25 years. We have three sons. Daniel and Joshua are both grown and back in the same Bible seminary that we attended by Chicago, studying for the ministry. Jeremy is our part time pianist and looking also to study for the ministry. God be praised for His goodness and grace!

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